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Greer serves as a storage fascility for several employees, Krista and me among them.  Last night I was hauling some stuff down there.  As I was carrying a tub that weighed about 40 pounds, I thought man I wish I was Pink Eye.  What?  Hell, how about Einstein.  Most likely Pink Eye was still on my mind from last weekend.  Then I was trying to get broken limbs out of some of Mom's trees.  Before I go any farther.  Ya, I know 40 pounds is not a lot, but my hip has been buggin the shit out of me so shut up!

Anyway, I went on to think; which character would I want to be?  The premiss is that you keep your personality, but get all the character's status, wealth and abilities.  Also, the change is not noticed, so you don't get killed as an imposter. ;D  Strangely, I came up with Flapper.  I just wonder if most people would come up with thier own characters.  My reasoning makes me think that may not be true.  Matt and Einstein both have age issues, as does Buck.  Pink Eye would probably be my second choice, though it would be intersting dealing with his reputation.  Of course, you'd have centuries to live it all down.  This isn't necessarily limited to PC's, but that's really all I've thought about.

Think I'd rather be someone on Buck's direct staff or household staff (which might actually be Jessica's staff really) where I live relatively well and mostly stress free and not in charge of a bunch of crap.  :)  But, I'm inherently lazy.  LOL

I thought about that too.  I'm sure if I was Flapper, many of the stuff he does would be handed over to others.

Hmm. I wouldn't want to be Einstein. Too much pressure and then the age issue. Of my characters throughout this campaign, I would pick Thaddius (smart, young, rich, and running with the big guys)

But of all of the characters, I'd say PE. He is crazy, immature and dangerous, but thoughtful, growing and skilled.

I think Thad or PE myself? 


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