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With all of the talk about attendance to the next few sessions and the like, it got me thinking about what about this campaign I like......

Its funny, we have been playing rpg's for a long time and it seems that we fall into playing similar characters or attitudes. One of the things that I like about this campaign is "how it started" pregenerated characters with a little background. There are only a few of those guys left, but it has been fun to see them grow and morph into the characters of today.

When I roll up a new character, I think I will ask for a volunteer to give me the basics and the background to stretch my playing skills....

That's a cool idea...I like it. What if it became routine for another player to roll up your character...maybe not routine, but still a cool idea.

I kinda like the idea? 

Fudge that, I'm playing a Druid.

Screw you I'm playin a pscionisist assassin ninja!


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