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Most memorable campaign moments

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Thought this might bring up some interesting memories ;D, or just rehash the same one's we've been telling for years ::).

My best GM memory is a tie between screwing over the PC's with the Coopers, and the release of Ruin Runner.  The Ruin Runner story is a good one, because the PC's had been down on their luck for several sessions.  They hadn't found anything cool or challenging, and hadn't liberated any substantial treasure.  They had seen a job posted for clearing kobalds (I think) from a mine, but ignored it for a while.  Finally, they went to the mine didn't find and kobalds, just some kind of plant creatures.  They weren't finding any treasure either.  Finally the find a naked guy trapped in a pentagram.  They knew it was going to be a bad idea, but they were so sick of not finding anything the opened it, and the rest is history.  It actually worked out great for the PC's, RR was a chaotic evil lunatic badass, but he was a friend.

As a player, it's hard to say.  I had a lot of fun with Bob and Jacob, but it was the general experience, not single moments.  Maybe my most memorable moment was playing in a module that Kevin Underhill was running.  We finally figured out that we had no control over what was happening and every time Kevin asked us what we wanted to do, we told him "we follow the elves".  This went on for hours.  Obviously we never finished the module.

I enjoyed the Coopers too.....Fudge the Coopers

A few stories always stick in my head.

1. Rune Runner
2. The first dragon that CoT killed, so anticlimatic. It was funny.
3. The vampire in CoT that we chased forever....fantastic idiocy.

I wasn't there for the Rune Runner thing and Fudge the Coopers!  A few of my favorites were(in no particular order):

1st level, Yagar walking into a bar covered in soot, no armor and no weapons, " That's the last Red Dragon I ever kill by myself!"

The many fights with Deldine! Sumbitch!

Nothing can Kill it?  Get it Nothingness!  The look on Russells face was classic!

Stryper's battle with 2-9th rank Liches and a Cloud Dragon, ending in a draw!

He's a Ki-Rin?  The look on everyone's face was classic!

The damned polymorphed earth elementals that looked like Lizardmen.

The way Chuck ran "the temple of elemental evil", I never thought a module could be so much fun.

Zacker unawaredly sneaking past the Remoraz, to be toasted by it when the group woke it up!


--- Quote from: Fingers on May 02, 2008, 09:39:13 AM ---
Stryper's battle with 2-9th rank Liches and a Cloud Dragon, ending in a draw!

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Forgot about that one, I think the only death was when the Dragon had had enough and carried of a 15th level fighter that was traveling with Stryper.  The battle ended when the liches ran out of spells.

--- Quote from: Fingers on May 02, 2008, 09:39:13 AM ---
He's a Ki-Rin?  The look on everyone's face was classic!

--- End quote ---

Shaka, certainly let us have our fun.  Really the Ki-rin was a bad memory for me, I could have handled it much better.  Man, D&D sucked.  It took a great DM to keep us interested.  John and Chuck were two of the best.

In no order:

1. During the ran-sacking of local taverns period in CoT, in one fight some mage was pelting us with spellfire and Markus decided enough was enough, ran to the bar, dived over it and into the mage.  For some reason that one just sticks out.

2. The time half the party was squashed to death in CoT going down some pit on a rope.  Fighting kobolds most likely.

3. Capt Korg and the Sea Barons.. I just really got into him.  Surf Runner in the current one sometimes reminds me of it.

4. The time we spent hours and hours (real time, not game time) searching a "PC come here" dungeon/cave system where each corridor, chamber, and directional choices were explained that had absolutely nothing in it.  LOL.. classic.

5. The time Markus interrupted Lew while he was giving some creature description (I seem to remember Markus had been blinded at the time or something) and said, "I don't care what it is, just hit it." 

6.  I agree that whole vampire thing in CoT was funny.  Was it Keck's character that burned the vampire which caused the wooden stake to burn thereby allowing the vampire to come back to life?


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