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Flooding on Pelicar causes damage

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A soapy churning torrent of water is how witnesses report the incident.  The damage was widespread but sporadic.  The Church of Orlok reports a complete loss of ships records, and the Flapper and Pink Eye households say it could take weeks to reconstruct their financial records.  Meanwhile the several unexplored planes of the Nexus suffered such catastrophic damage they will never be the same.

:o Please be advised.  Flash drives are not machine washable. :o

It could have been a lot worse.  My last backup was a month ago, and I haven't done any major work since then.  The priest registry was uploaded a couple day ago.  It's still irritating, but not a disaster. 

Swish affect at its finest

Flash drive - not flash flood!  ;D

However, try it again in 24 to 48 might be surprised how sturdy a flash drive is after it fully dries out. I've had stranger things happen.

This could be the new "my dog ate it" excuse for homework in school. My mom washed my flash drive.....

I did try again this morning, but I haven't completely given up.  Time will tell.


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