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I had a thought a moment ago.  Has our campaign evolved to a point that we just hold sessions to pass time in order to keep the board moving?  Its just a thought.  I'm sure everyone will have an opinion now that I've asked the question.  It's likely that the question has already been lurking around a few of your minds.

I'm not even close to proposing a change in our campaign.  We've invested far to much effort to risk what we've built.  Also, just the thought of a major change will make most of us cringe.  What I am putting up for discussion is an experiment.

In essence it would be a board campaign, absolutely no live sessions.  For ease, we could place it on Muldav in the same timeframe we are playing now.  Or, we could do something different.  I don't have many preconceptions.  The idea is now about 20 minutes old.  The downside would be distracting from the current board activity for our real campaign.  The upside would be developing a system that might eventually be worked into that campaign.

There is no reason everyone would have to play, and on the flip side Stew, Russ and / or John might be interested.  Just a thought, maybe not even a very good one.

Asynchronous (not real time) game play would be interesting. An experiment would be cool. I would suggest a small group 2-4 characters.

Synchronous game play would be even cooler, but not sure we could get everyone online....

I agree with Terry that playing a session together on-line would be a nightmare? For me i'd have to play a rather silent and slow character as my typing skills would dictate! ;D  Hmmm... sounds familiar?  :hmm:

I think battles would be a very slow process. "Ones" wait a couple real-time minutes to get everyone's damage results, "Two's" wait a couple more minutes.

"Lew what does the battlefield look like, where's everyone at?  Lew then types it all out.  Players respond their movements and actions..."Three's" wait...  I think you get my meaning. Typing everything and waiting for everyone to catch up might be too much??  Now if combats went to a COD kinda thing, maybe?

I think the disjointed time-lines could be a problem too but we deal with those fairly well adjusting and ignoring irregularities.

I'd try it, but I don't believe we can truly replace the in-person sessions without using some kind of conference call or web video?

My intent was not to run out combats.  My thought for the flow would basically be what we do now, without the sessions.  Those would be replaced by COD rolls.  I also did not expect to run in real time.  Once again it would be much like the board.

Now we have some flexability.  If you had a dungeon crawl, we may play out some basics. Such as

Post one:  After a few hours and a few small fights, you run into a major encounter.  No one dies, but you're low on healing.  Do you pull back or push on?

Post two:  Push on!

Post three: After another 20 minutes you spot a group of bulky looking armored ogres, what to you do?

Post four:  Attack!

Post five: You loose the fight, but successfully withdraw.  One character was left, maybe dead, maybe not.  What do you do.

and so on.  This could be played out as we get to it.  Players could imform me of general strategy, aggression level, etc.  Or we could handle the whole thing with.

You spend two days working the dungeon.  You get this treasure and this DP and this person died.

We have a lot of options.  It doesn't even need to be run on the Muldav.  The bonus would be that we've already developed so much.

I agree the mechanics would be different....I like the idea though. The dice are just numbers anyway.


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