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Hey Head, New Character color, can you fix me?

Started by Fingers, May 10, 2007, 11:16:53 AM

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Mighty Joe:  :cheese: Munch, munch munch.  Eeeeyack!!! :barf-cheese: It's Minotaur Cheese!
Verin? (Yes?) Recant huh? (Yes.) And that really means to dispute one's word? (For the last time, YES!) See I know'd ta be scared o dem lernin books! Einstein's ta blame, always pushin everbody ta be more 'n they are! (Ugh!) I know why LB came, but why'd you? (Times are, I ask that myself. Now eat!)


So, now we are role-playing out of character.  Hmph  :loco:
So many subplots


So many subplots