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WOW..Off-topic OSU sports related

Started by Cope, Jun 28, 2007, 06:21:19 am

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This is an article about a kid that wrestled at OSU. He was/is one of my favorites. Since the artcle, he has been cleared by the doctors. Supposedly, Coach Smith, Daniel, and his family are talking about his return to the team. His little brother also wrestles for OSU. From a competitive stand point OSU needs him, he was an All-American before his troubles. From a personal life perspective, WOW impressive. 

OC: Frishkorn looking to make comeback

Tristan Threlkeld
Sports Writer

A couple of weeks ago, while at Buffalo Wild Wings watching the Cowboy baseball team in its Super Regional against the Louisville Cardinals, I had a chance encounter with former Cowboy wrestler Daniel Frishkorn. He was also there to cheer on the Cowboys.

We spoke about how his life has been on one of the wildest roller coasters during the last half year.

In early January, Frishkorn had a seizure while driving alone, resulting in a severe car crash that almost ended his life.

An ambulance took him to a hospital in Pawnee, Okla., from where he was eventually air-lifted to Hillcrest Hospital in Tulsa.

He remained there for 16 days in the Intensive Care Unit with kidney failure.

Frishkorn recovered from the wreck only to learn that he was going to need brain surgery to help stop the seizures he had been having since he was a little kid.

While growing up, doctors kept telling him that his problems where due to an electrolyte imbalance that was caused by him cutting weight for wrestling.

The doctors told him that drinking Gatorade would help him feel better, so when Daniel felt the pain coming on he would drink a Gatorade and he said he felt it seemed to help.

Then Daniel came to Oklahoma State from Virginia, where he was a four-time state champion.

Daniel had his share of ups and downs in his brief career as a Cowboy wrestler and he realized the downs seemed to be more often than not the result of having seizures while practicing and during actual matches.

"I would be up big on an opponent and then I would have an attack and they would come back on me," he said. "It was very frustrating to me,"

Neither Frishkorn nor anybody else knew he was having seizures until they did a brain scan on him while he was in the ICU after his car wreck.

After he recovered from the wreck, Frishkorn went back home to Virginia to stay with his parents and to prepare for the next step, which turned out to be brain surgery.

While he waited for his upcoming surgery, Daniel decided that he wanted to shadow a doctor at his local hospital, since his goal is to go to medical school once he graduates from Oklahoma State.

"I just went up to the hospital and talked to a few people and the next thing I knew I was shadowing orthopedic surgeons."

Frishkorn talked of the experience as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

I, however, would bet that for him it's the actual truth, since not too long ago he was on his death bed.

Frishkorn said he seized the shadowing opportunity, because he doesn't like to sit around and wait for things to happen.

He could have sulked around while home, but decided he wasn't going to let another shot at life pass him by.

I praise him, look up to him and think very highly of a man who, when his doctors said had a slim chance of surviving his car wreck, went ahead and decided he need another take on life.

On April 9, Frishkorn had major brain surgery that lasted about six hours.

He has since recovered from both his wreck and surgery with little problems.

Frishkorn said after the surgery he would have terrible headaches, but those have since subsided, and while we talked, he looked just like I remembered him on the mat.

Frishkorn has a scar from his surgery that runs in a semi-circle from the top front part of his scalp along his hair-line, down to and past his right ear. His freshly grown-out hair barely hides the rest of it.

While we talked, he thanked the Oklahoma State wrestling fans who prayed for him and sent him get well letters on his prayer Web site, http://www.caringbridge.org.

He also said he wants to graduate from OSU.

"I started at OSU and I am going to finish at OSU. I may even go to the med school in Tulsa."

When asked why, Frishkorn said, "This is where I started and I still have goals left to accomplish."

He talked about how he wants to wrestle again. For a guy who was almost no longer with us, he has lofty goals. Frishkorn said he wants to win a national championship before he leaves, which was one of his goals when he began wrestling for OSU in the fall of 2003.

"I reach all of my goals. However, so far that is one that I have not reached -- yet."

I asked him what he meant by that and Daniel replied, "I have a doctor's visit coming up in a couple of weeks and I hope to be cleared."

If he gets clearance, Frishkorn will most likely meet with Oklahoma State wrestling head coach John Smith if he hasn't already contacted him.

And if cleared, he will most likely fight with everything he has to get back on the team. Similar to how he fought for his life.

So don't be surprised if you see him in an orange singlet in the coming season.

And to Frishkorn, good luck with all you do in the future and congratulations for fighting your way back, and perhaps all the way back to the top.
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