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Whole body cleanse


Now, I do not like fad or crazy diets, but a friend got me to try a 10 day total body cleanse. There is a package at Walmart.

I was very skeptical but man I feel better and it kickstarted my weight loss again. I was stuck at 205. If you feel bloated, irregular or tired, give this a try. It is not a goofy juice or starvation plan. You eat chicken, fish, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

Just catching up...but for those who haven't seen me - I've lost 40 lbs since last August. I'm hovering at 215, which was my weight at 28. It's proportioned not quite as well, but I'm pleased. I lost 30 lbs from August to December. I did the phentermine-thing, but also changed my eating habits. I drink mainly water now and make sure I take in the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables every day. I "cheat" by drinking a V8 for breakfast, which gives me 2 of the 4 portions I need. My snacks are mainly mandarin oranges or applesauce. But I don't skip real desserts or real meals; I just handle them in moderation and make myself follow all the "proper" rules first. I still drink beer and alcohol and don't restrict myself from any foods I want - again, just mindful of how it fits with what else I've eaten for the day. With this plan, I have was mindful to stay below 1500 cals (usually below 1200) for the first three months; now I am back to an average of about 1800 per day.

That is awesome, DJ.

Way to go guys.

Last time I weighed myself think I'd lost 10 lbs but that wasn't from trying to loose it. Just dumb luck LOL. I don't even have a scale here in my apartment.

Great work DJ!  I guess I'm a little low on a five year average, but nothing to brag about.  My double x's aren't tight.   :clap:

I get plenty of excercise.  My commute is around four miles and I bike it.  Mostly ocean side so not bad at all.


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