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The last Harry Potter movie


I saw it this weekend. Once again they did a pretty good job with the storyline. It is much better than Deathly Hallows Part 1...

All in all, a good ending to a good story.

Now a question, and I usually don't question storylines...

Voldemort made 6 horcruxes on purpose - ring, pendant, diadem, book, snake, goblet. Thus splitting his soul into 7 pieces (7 being a magical number)

Then he tried to kill Harry as an infant...Harry's mother past a huge defensive spell and Voldeomrt's killing spell backfired. Then the 7th piece of soul attached itself to Harry (the only living thing around.) Okay now for the questions:

1. How did Voldemort come back if all pieces of his soul was entrapped in other objects?
2. Why go to Harry, when all of the other horcruxes were inanimate objects?

I haven't seen the last two and barely remember the one before than, except that I was disappointed.  When I eventually catch up, I'll try to watch for this.  We have a few of the more recent ones on our netflix list, but by the time they come up this one will probably be available.  :)  Guess it works out.


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