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Started by Head, Jul 26, 2007, 06:29:58 PM

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After almost two weeks, back in Stillwater.  Couple days after the session my right foot got to hurting around my big toe.. dunno what the hell I did to it.. some bug bite (was a red spot) or smashed/twisted/pulled something? 

Anyway, last Wednesday (18th) had dad take me to the ER cause it wasn't getting better, one of those throbbing pain deals.  Luckily, nothing broken as determined from x-rays.  Didn't have gout.  As best they could figure I had tendinitis... and prescribed me some drugs.   Anyway, it's slowly getting better.. not 100% yet.  Still walking with a slight limp and at least I can drive ok.

Partly due to my bum foot and needing to take it easy and uncertainty surrounding my grandmother (mom was with her in the hospital for over a week), decided to renew my lease here in Stillwater and not move yet.  Now I get to play catch up with the board, email, real mail, and voice mail.. 12 messages on my answering machine.. maybe an offer to interview or something.. that would be cool.  :)
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