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SPQR Senate Election 82 AD

Started by Chuck, Oct 14, 2008, 04:24:56 PM

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Hey guys

Due to the death of my brother Julius (he was recently poisoned) an election is being held to replace him in the Senate of Rome.

The Imperial Party (of which I am a member) has endorsed Titus Macedonius as our candidate.  His opponent is Torienus who is a Pleb and client of Senator Plinius who I suspect had a hand in the death of my brother.

I'm asking anyone who reads this to register at ArmchairGeneral.com and vote for Titus in the SPQR Senate Election 82 AD thread.  Just go to the top of the page when you enter the thread and vote in the poll.

The race is very close and we need your support!

Both of these candidates are newer player characters.


Hail Caesar!

Legatus Drusus aka Chuck