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SPQR (Senate and People of Rome)

Started by Chuck, Sep 15, 2008, 05:01:14 AM

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Hey guys.

I'm involved in an online strategy game called SPQR on a site called Armchair General.com.  Its a game that was developed by one of the sites members and is being run by him.  The game takes place during the Roman Empire circa 80 AD.  The basic premise is there are 10 players and the Gamemaster aka Fate.  The players are The Emperor, Six Senators, and three Generals.  The goal is to survive and build up your power and end the Game as the most powerful and wealthiest Senator or General, or if you're the Emperor survive and remain Emperor.  The Generals can also win if they overthrow the Emperor and take his place.  Each turn covers 4 months gametime and Fate provides various situations that the players must deal with.  This is done on the forums for the site and consists of voting for various options that are given reagrding the current problem.  The Emperor then chooses what option to go with and the game proceeds. 

The reason I'm posting this here is that additional players are needed to represent the people of Rome.  Forum members that arent playing one of the 11 characters can also vote in the polls representing factions within the populace of Rome.  If any of you guys are interested in participating you just have to register as a member on the forum.  You can then participate in the polls.  If not you might be interested in reading the SPQR threads anyways.  They are a hoot!

The rules and characters are covered in the "Coming Soon SPQR" thread and the other SPQR threads are the actual gameturns and polls.  Check it out it's pretty cool.

I'm playing General Drusus commander of Legion XXII and Governor of Germania.  My special ability is I'm the brother of Senator Julius (another player) and we play as a team sharing wealth and resources.  My forum handle is Captain General.

Here's the link:



To give you guys an idea of the flavor of the game here's the latest message from my brother Senator Julius:

Here is a recap of what has happened
Senator Plinius is #1 threat
General Paulus is most likely allied with Plinius
We are in the Emperor's inner circle along with Antonius
The Emperor is providing us with Antonius spy reports
When the attempt on Plinius goes through,a fire will be started in Rome to mask us. I will be the one who starts it.
Senators Honorius is kind of in our camp. He is dependent on the Emperor's good will
Senator Verus is an ally of the moment of the Imperial Party. In the long run who knows
The Emperor is attempting to get Falco to march against Paulus.
Senator Flavian is quiet. He is not spending his wealth on anything right now.

The Emperor,Antonius and I have been in contact all day. Hopefully this gets you up to speed.

This game is great!  Even if you're not interested check out the Armchair General forums.  It's a really good site for history buffs and people interested in current events.



More game info.  This is an intelligence report that Senator Antonius sent the Emperor.  Antonius has a special ability of spying for free on all players due to his extensive contacts with the Roman underworld.  The Emperor then sent it to my bother and I...

Here's the whole thing, except for General Paulus. I don't think I ever got intel on him...

Senator Plinius:
Will be giving a huge feast tomorrowevening...invite commander and officers of the Praetorian Guard. Treat them to wine, luxurious food, etc... music, dance, women of easy virtue who know the meaning of loyalty to the one who pays them (SP) and debrief after. Create goodwill and get to know the commander and some officers. I drink water that night, hand out a loan here, learn discretely of their views and possible weak spots. Some will be invited to come back.

And he is organizing a Chariot Race...additionally Commander Gaius of the Praetorian Guard and some selected officers are invited in my sky box (see above).

He is also investing in a pro-senate newspaper which Torienus is writing for him !

Senator Verus:
Senator Verus has sent a few men, dressed as legionaries, to the province of Moesia in order to spy on General Falco !

He has also planned to distribute some bread to the populace next week !

Senator Julius:
Senator Julius is throwing a supriseparty for our new Emperor, next week tuesday !!!

Senator Flavian:
Senator Flavian is a strange and stingy fellow ! He isn't investing in anything...he's saving all his wealth. But for what???

General Drusus:
Your speis, arriving from Germania can inform you that General Drusus aint doing much either. He's training and drilling his Legion, conducting routine government and security operations in his province, and seems to be gathering a small band of trusted associates as a personal bodyguard.

The only investment he has made recently was paying his soldiers a bonus for their good service and loyalty...

That's all the info I have for now. I still have a few of my men that have to get back to HQ. As soon as they are back sir, I will give you more trustworthy information...as always !

Senator Honorius
The spy on senator Honorius has returned, but also brings little news...

The only thing he has to report is that the senator has sent a some young, tasty females to Germania to spy on general Drusus !!!!

General Falco
My spies from Moesia have returned last night.
They inform that it is very busy in the camp of General Falco. Recently, about 500 new infantry has been recruited and the General is spending alot of attention on their training. Same with the cavalry ! 50new cavalrymen have been recruited also. The horses have been bought (stolen) from local barbarian villages behind the borders...

From an informant, close in the entourage of the General -beautiful women are perfect for this !- I learned that the general doesn't trust Senator Plinius, nor the Emperor...he sent out two spies to feel the climate in Rome and to spy on them !

Seems that General Falco is coming to Italy for a visit in august, to check his lands and see his relatives, but presumably he will be showing his face in Rome also !!!!

It is to inform you that my spies have succesfully been able to infiltrate the Imperial Palace. They report the following:

The Emperor is also investing in a huge feast in his palace. Unlike senator Plinius, he is inviting the entire Senate and the Praetorian Guard. He has ordained that all other feasts in Rome after his, will be cancelled, and the money and food earmarked for to be confiscated and distributed to the poor.

He has also spending a small amount of the state treasury to give all the legions in the Empire a small bonus in their pay !!!!

It seems that the Praetorian Guard and its spies have received the command to "shadow" YOU...for they have been frequenting your house, your neighbourhood and your taverns lately... 

So you are okay with sharing the whole thing with the brothers?

I OK with whatever you want to show them. I don't think there's anything we need to hide in this, except for the report on Caesar...

It's just not good business to let them know what you're up to...

It turns out that Senator Antonius got the digs on info. The last part with me spying on him was a planned effort to see if one can find out if someone is spying on you.

See we are now all in bed with each other, it is best to show faith by sharing all info.


This looks pretty cool. I will try to check into it more tonight, depending on my workday - big project is supposed to be complete today...but I know I'm short of the mark....gotta get some shit done today.
Thank you Mario! But our Princess is in another castle!


Looks cool Chuck.  I'm caught up it to much other stuff at the moment, but maybe I'll check into it later.
So many subplots


I figured that you two (DJ and Lew) would like this.  It's been a lot of fun so far.



Our assassination attempt on Senator Plinius failed!

I recieived this dispatch from the Emperor:


from my sickbed and likely not able to appear in the Senate for a while, I feel yet strong enough to execute what I see is my duty.

Facts first:
My 'accident' was no 'accident' at all, but an attempt on my life carried out by the henchmen of a notorious underworld boss by name of Furius Camillus. Earlier this month I had received messages that there would be an attempt against my life undertaken and that it would look like an accident.

While the fire raged, I had sent my lictors away to fight the fire. When I went w/o bodyguard from my duties in the Senate up to the area where my lictors were fighting the fire in order to assess their situation, I was apprehended by Furius Camillus' henchmen, got stabbed ( I have the fresh scars to prove it) and thrown into a burning building.
Luckily my lictors were close by, they rushed the murderers before they could finish the job, took two out and rescued me. The other murderers got away. My lictors interrogated the surviving one of the two murderers on the spot and learned they had been working for FC. My murder had to be carried out during the fire (they knew the fire was going to break out, and the fire should make my murder look like an accident). FC was ordered to leave Rome after the murder. The above is what I know.

What follows is what I think. Before he died the last murderer revealed that he got the impression that FC had been under orders from Senator Julius and that the attempt on me was part of his wider scheme to burn Rome down in order to make profits by rebuilding.That would explain why his brother general Drusus unaccountably appeared to be in Rome: to supervise the burning. My murder was because he felt I was too powerful with the SBI.
NB: I have the impression, not the certainty yet that Furius Camillus was working on orders from senator Julius and his brother. Now what is more disturbingly than the attempt on the life of a Roman Senator's life is that it is a part of an even wider conspiracy: the burning of Rome and the debilitation of the Empire as a consequence. High treason!

Majesty: in the light of all this:
1/could I ask of you to have my house 24/7 guarded by the Praetorian Guard? The murderers likely will want to finish the job.
2/ Will you start an Empire-wide manhunt to arrest Furius Camillus? He will lead you to the ones ultimately responsible. Mind you, Furius Camillus' life is in danger now that he can reveal the identity of his master. You could of course use the SBI for this for this very purpose.
I'll continue to serve Rome to the best of my abilities from my home.
May the Gods protect you.


Looks like he already knows too much. I say poison. But I think this time leave the Emperor out of it so the conspiracy is not connected by Plinius.