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Sara Palin

Started by Chuck, Sep 04, 2008, 02:29:24 AM

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I just watched her speech at the Republican convention.  I thought she kicked ass!  I don't agree with everything she supports (I'm pro choice, support gay rights, etc,), but I think McCain made an excellent choice.  I bet she will be the first female president within ten years.


I was weighing Obama and McCain pretty even.  Since there is a good chance that either might not finish there presidency, I decided to wait and see about their running mates.  Since the Palin announcement, I've pretty much committed to Obama.  I just don't think she has the experience to step in when McCain is carted off to the emergency room.  I'll keep reviewing my opinion, but if Obama and McCain are even, Biden makes Palin look like she's still just a prom queen.
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I agree that Palin only has two years of executive experience as Governor of Alaska.  The thing is, Obama and Biden don't even have one day of executive/command experience between them.  Neither one has ever led anything.  While McCain is also a Senator, he commanded the largest fighter squadron in the US Navy during the 70's.


Well, let me pipe in with my inflammatory bit...Palin has more experience and has headed up more organizations than Obama, unless you count him sitting on the William Ayers' terrorist executive board as leadership.
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The Palin choice for VP really threw me for a loop. But she does have some experience with executive leadership.

One issue I have with her and Obama is NO foreign policy experience.
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As far as Palin having no foreign policy experience...every President since Jimmy Carter (with the exception of Bush 41) has been a state Governor.  None of them had vast amounts of foreign policy experience.  Thats what your advisors in the cabinet are for.  To advise in areas that the President is weak in.  The last Senator elected to President was Kennedy in 1960.


Welll, it will be interesting. It's hard to request both change and experience. Both tickets offer both, just in differing roles. The question is where do you want those roles to play?

Personally, I don't see eye-to-eye with any of the four...or any of you guys, for that matter. But that's what makes it interesting.
Thank you Mario! But our Princess is in another castle!