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Required Viewing for Adventurers

Started by Dj, Sep 30, 2006, 10:56:26 AM

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I just finished watching "Kill Bill" both volumes. Its been a while since I had seen Volume 1. I think that at least the first film should be required watching for all Conqueror-playing persons. It is good to identify many of the aspects handled well in the Pelicar combat system. And watching it from a "game prospective" lets one analyze how combat really takes place in the game and how skills and special maneuvers work.

Anyway, in this vein, I started to compile a short list of movies that should be considered required viewing for Pelicar players who want to better play their character professions. Let's see what else can be added to this list.  8)

MovieRequired For
Kill BillConquerors
Sin CityConquerors
28 Days LaterUndead Campaigns
Underworld IAny Adventurer
13th WarriorArbiters, Players
Full EclipseLycanthropes
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Well, they aren't movies, but I think the Chick-fila tv ads show the intelligence and teamwork of cows and minotaurs. They really beat the hell out of the hamburger vendor at the football game.
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I've always seen the 13th Warrior as a retro barbarian movie.
So many subplots


Well, I wanted to actually add some real info here. So, I tried to think of some movies with good analogous streams to Pelicar and simple role playing dynamics. But for some reason I am in a goofy mood so most of these are a little funny. And without further BS another list- ::)

Conan movies - I always saw the big dumb barbarian here.....
Pulp Fiction - don't laugh John Travolta and Sammuel L. Jackson are adventurers. They get into issues because they don't think about consequences (player mindset) :loco:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show - good vampire stuff - I have them on VHS in anyone would like to borrow - oh wait I just have a crush on Sarah Michelle Gellar........ :smileysex:
Lord of the Rings - there is some pretty good stuff here for players and arbiters
Any Chuck Morris Movie - He is such a bad-ass HAHAHA
Goonies - cool cave system and great treasure :clap:
We cannot banish dangers, but we can banish fears.  We must not demean life by standing in awe of death.


While it's on my mind.. another good one is Kull the Conqueror for Conquerors/Barbarians and Priests.

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I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark again the other day. It has lots of good "minor" fight scenes for any profession. But as for the adventure (campaign) itself, it reminds players that just because you jump the bad guy doesn't mean you can take him (airplane scene) or that his clothes will fit (submarine lair scene). This idea of a good plan gone bad due to circumstances beyond the players control is important to grasp and accept. The clothing problem can also be viewed in Die Hard. Did John ever find shoes that fit? Also, the good plan gone bad is prevalent here, but in this movie, it is the PC that messes up the bad guys' good plan -- also an important concept to grasp and accept.

Of course, then we should remember movies that should NOT be considered required viewing -- like any movie with "Dungeons and Dragons" in its title or subtitle.  :dizzy: This could lead to a whole new list of movies forbidden to be viewed, so I guess that should go to another topic.
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Well i watcha da BORAT.. It great success.... In his country he very much adventure,, he sent to U.S. of the A. and very much hate da JEWS... so watcha his movie or he will be exicuite....   
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BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA - magic use on both sides, definate bad guy and lot of fun.

Look's like some good ones are coming soon to - The next Harry Potter, a Vikings vs. American Indian movie, and what looks to be an Anne McCaffrey Dragon Riders book adaptation.

I wish someone would do a movie based in a high magic world.
So many subplots


Just watched Dogma again...putting the blasphemy aside, it is a well thought out story of the oxymorons of religion.
Thank you Mario! But our Princess is in another castle!