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Nope, I'm not dead..

Started by Head, Sep 07, 2008, 06:09:47 PM

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Sorry for not being on much at all. 

Over the past few weeks I've been suffering off and on with my right foot.. which in the past these minor aches and pains go away within a few days..  well, not this time.  Yesterday I had enough, it was hurting like hell and I went in...(one of those First Med clinics) I won't know for certain until after lab tests come in but it's either inflammatory arthritis of some nature or gout.  I did have them x-ray my foot and nothing is actually broken.  Based on the tests they could do there, it's not infected.  Anyway, they gave me a shot of Decadron and perscription for Indomethacin.  Anyway, today the foot is much less swollen and doesn't hurt like hell.

I go back at the end of the week for results and to try and determine the root cause to keep from happening again.. same sort of thing happened a few months ago.

I will admit I've been bad about having my cell phone on being at my apartment most of the time.  I turn it off at night and forget to turn it back on the next day.  Always figure anyone I know has my home phone and will call it and leave a message anyway.

I'll try and get caught back up as soon as I can, if there is some thread that's in a holding pattern until one of my chars can respond, might point that out to me so I can look at those first...  otherwise I generally start with the oldest first as newer ones are sometimes based off those.  No PMs, so at least I haven't missed any of those.

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Good to know you're still alive. We've been wondering...  :clap:
Thank you Mario! But our Princess is in another castle!