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Started by Dj, Aug 29, 2008, 09:59:50 PM

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I just watched two "classics" tonight: Ghost and The Matrix.

As I watched Ghost, it made me think of how it would be a twist in some campaign if the GM dealt a bunch of damage to a PC...then said, "Wait...no, sorry - I miscalculated," and allowed the PC to continue to believe his/her characters was alive, but all the time he was a ghost or revenant or something... As the story evolved, the character would realize something was wrong, but a perception (6th Sense) of the ghost would allow him/her to only see what was comfortable. Of course, then the ghost realizes what he/she is, which causes the storyline.

Then last point on Ghost: Watching the scenes where Sam had mastered "attacking" things in the real world - it made me think about non-corporeal spirits and "spirit blade." Even the final scene where Carl tries to fight back and throws the pulley at Sam; Carl doesn't even think to realize he can't hit him. It was just interesting the think of this film in a "fantasy game" setting.

As to The Matrix, there are so many thoughts every time I watch that film. Of course, The Matrix is an allegory of several classic tales, from the Gospel to Plato's Cave. But the bizarre little angle that popped into my head tonight was "saving the children." Morpheus said that normally they free the mind from the Matrix before it reaches a certain age. To me, I imagined what this must entail from an "in-Matrix" perspective. This probably means that the kidnappers and child-predators are truly the good guys, capturing the young minds and freeing them from the bondage and slavery of the Matrix. So that whole good-guy/bad-guy thing becomes very contextual by the invisible "forms" of the campaign.

It was an interesting night of watching movies...shit, now I have to remote into work.
Thank you Mario! But our Princess is in another castle!


I've had a partially insomniac night. So, I've just finished watching the 1978 Donald Sutherland version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

So again, from an odd campaign perspective, this made me consider how frustrating a tianist hearts-and-minds group from Emeril would likely be in a warrior-based culture society such as the Kelds. I can see some higher-leveled planners saying, "We don't even need to attack! Let us slip in and infiltrate the town; we'll convert them and they won't even know to resist. You guys can mop up the 5% that figure out what we're doing and resist."

Of course, the blood-lust without most Kelds keep such plans from ever even getting started, but it would be fun to watch a tribe of 200 be "culture-snatched" by a tianist para-militia group run by a Priest of Emeril or Renia. By the normal mission-based logic of how DP is given, such a group who never raises a weapon would be awarded the same DP as a group that slaughtered the village...perhaps even more.
Thank you Mario! But our Princess is in another castle!