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Fellow pelicarians!!!

Started by Dusty, Jan 27, 2007, 12:12:45 AM

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This is mainly to Head DJ and Terry if he logs on this weekend....

We are haveing a Krista birthday/Terry going away for 2 weeks/Dusty and Courtney 6yr anniversery party tomorrow night.  We are gonna call you guys tomorrow just in case you dont get the message. Just though id give ya a heads up in case ur interested. Just decided on it tonight so sorry for little notice.

Oh yeah baby, you know common stuff,, Fun, Friends, and Fuckin' Beer pong, or maybe just the ping variety.

Hope to see you all there,,,,Dusty
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I thank Dusty, Darren, et al for the invitation; however, I made the decision to keep the gas in my car; sadly its getting that tight for me. However, I will receive my first paycheck this week (which is already effectively spent), but I will have some breathing room again. 

Anyway, I am sorry that I was unable to attend, but I look forward to future rounds of beer pong!
Thank you Mario! But our Princess is in another castle!