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Fantasy/Sci Fi Movies

Started by Chuck, May 06, 2008, 09:11:56 pm

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How bout favorite Fantasy/Sci Fi movies.  There's a lot of crap out there but some good ones do exist.

The Lord of the Rings (all three)
Conan (the first one)
The Sword and the Sorcerer (cheesy...but I really like it for some reason)
Chronicles of Riddick
Mad Max
The Road Warrior
Alien (the first one)
The Fifth Element (what Judge Dredd should have been like)
Dune (except for the sonic weapons...they weren't in the book)
Star Wars (some parts good...some parts bad)
Enemy Mine (again cheesy...but good)
The Princess Bride


May 06, 2008, 09:31:17 pm #1 Last Edit: May 06, 2008, 10:30:25 pm by Lew
Alien (the last one)
A Knights Tale
The Seventh Warrior -  :eh: -  how about 13th.
Arthur (the one with the Romans)
Star Wars (all of it)
Hey Dude, Where's my Car ;D
So many subplots


I forgot about Troy.  I really liked the whole take on the individual combat between badass champions that was the style of warfare portrayed in the Iliad.


Oh yeah, also any Jenna Jameson flick counts as some of my fave Fantasy too :).


Funny. I just got back on here after reviewing and revising 3 contracts for work and watching 300. I had to put in something to keep me awake.

Both of your lists are good.
The Thirteenth Warrior is cheesy but decent.
And the First Narnia movie wasn't bad...
We cannot banish dangers, but we can banish fears.  We must not demean life by standing in awe of death.


Starship Troopers wasn't bad for the times.
So many subplots


The first Highlander is classic, especially the European Director's Cut version.
Thank you Mario! But our Princess is in another castle!