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Dragon Age: Origins

Started by Chuck, Sep 15, 2010, 05:05:12 PM

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I bought a PS3 a couple months ago and one of the games I bought is Dragon Age: Origins by Bioware.

I was wondering if any of you guys had played it, and if so; what your thoughts were?

I'm a huge Bioware fan but they outdid themselves with this.

It's awesome!


Haven't heard anything about it, but it's great to see you posting.  How ya been?
So many subplots


I've thought about getting this one, but haven't yet. So, you recommend it?
Thank you Mario! But our Princess is in another castle!


Hey guys.  Been doing good.

Yeah, I recommend it.  The world is really detailed and there are some interesting twists with the standard D and D type races.  For instance, Elves are second class citizens who were recently enslaved by the humans.  

There are six different background stories that open the game depending on what race and class you play.  These backgrounds are detailed and take several hours to play through before they merge into the main storyline so lots of replay value.  

Some interesting game play also.    

The PC will eventually become a member of an order known as the Grey Wardens who are similar to the Jedi in Star Wars.  They have been involved in a centuries old war (covert/low intensity most of the time...but always ongoing) with an evil force known as the Blight which invades massively every few centuries.  The Wardens cross racial/national/religious boundaries and there is lots of political intrigue and warfare and so on.  The Wardens are not necessarily goody two shoes though and some members believe that the "end justifies the means".

Mages are forced to register and be monitered by the major Human religion known as The Chantry.  This is a female dominated order that was founded on a messiah type figure in the distant past.  Mages who don't register are considered to be outlaws and are hunted by the military wing of the Chantry known as Templars.

The designers cut out a lot of the boring stuff that usually goes with these types of games.  For example, if your party survives a fight all the members heal automatically except for critical hits, which have to be taken care of.  So you don't have to spend time casting 20 healing spells to move on after combat.  Healing is still around but is primarily used during combat instead of after.