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Death with an R

Started by Fingers, Jun 06, 2008, 03:30:17 PM

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From OState.com

Incoming OSU Baseball Recruits Reply

I found at least part of the list of incoming OSU baseball recruits. This list is by no means complete, nonetheless, it provides some names to look for in the upcoming MLB draft over the next two days.

John Anderson, Chabot College (Pleasanton (Foothill), CA), LHP
Justin Barnes, Yukon, OK, 1B
Chance Deason, Eastern Oklahoma State College (Piedmont, OK), LHP
Mark Ginther, Jenks, OK, 3B/SS/RHP
Benjamin Gonzalez, Puerto Rico Baseball Academy, SS
Jason Hanson, Sabino HS, Tucson, AZ, 2B/SS
Marcus Knecht, St. Michael's College School, Toronto, Ontario, OF
Colby McCord, Papillion (La Vista), NE, C/RHP
Randy McCurry, Tupelo, OK (OK Travelers), 3B/RHP
Dan McDaniel, Chabot College (San Ramon (California), CA), RHP
Dearth Parker, Eastern Oklahoma State College (Roff, OK), SS/INF
Steven Sabins, Daytona Beach Community College (Austin (Westwood), TX), INF

OSU Baseball could get interesting!!!!
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