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Alien vs Predetor: Requiem

Started by Head, Apr 25, 2008, 01:54:28 PM

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If you haven't seen it yet...  ehhh, don't bother. 

That thing was filmed so dark, I couldn't tell half the time if I was looking at an Alien or a Predator.  Maybe that was their point.  But what's the point in having a movie about Aliens vs Predators if you can't even see half the fights and what the hell is going on LOL.

The first AVP movie was way better.

So, yeah, I'm catching up on a lot of movies I never saw but kind of wanted to.
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I'll probably watch it just to say I did, but I'll wait till it's free.  Thanks Head.
So many subplots


Stumbled across this old topic.  Just wanted to state that I loved the movie.  Great cheap addition to the franchise.
So many subplots