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50 Rules


Found this elsewhere; thought it was worth posting:

Rule #1: The Game Master Is God.
What the Game Master says, goes!  Period.

Rule #2: Never Split The Party!
The monsters have divine intuition, and know when the party is weakened.

Rule #3: The Dice Choose You.
They have a mind of their ownÖ

Rule #4: The Bartender Knows Everything.
He is the prophet of the world, and has the knowledge of the universe.

Rule #5: Copper Is The Enemy.
One hundred copper equals one gold.  You do the math.

Rule #6: Go With The Flow.
Unless the flow leads to a giant waterfall.

Rule #7: You Can Never Have Too Many Minions.
One hundred enemies? All I see is free experience!

Rule #8: Take Chances.
Just not reckless ones.

Rule #9: Donít Act Reckless.
But take chances.

Rule #10: If the GM Forgets Something, Let Him/her Know.
You might get extra experience!

Rule #11: Donít Expect The Unexpected, Become The Unexpected.
Make the GM improvise for your amusement.

Rule #12: Escape From Reality.
And enter a better one.

Rule #13: Train In Heal.
Itíll save your life.

Rule #14: There Are No Such Things As Friends, Only Allies.
It makes it easier to kill them.

Rule #15: Be Creative!
Itís half the game.

Rule #16: Donít Trust The Sexy Lady Sitting At The Bar Alone.
Thereís an extremely high chance that sheíll end up killing you.

Rule #17: The d20 Can Either Be Your Best Friend, Or Your Worst Enemy.
So treat them with kindness.

Rule #18: Leave Your Personal Problems Out Of The Game.
Nobody cares that you had a fight with your girlfriend. Be happy you have one.

Rule #19: Stay In Character.
Itís a lot easier and more fun for everyone.

Rule #20: Donít Blindly Jump Into Dark Pits.
Especially without rope.

Rule #21: If The Reward Is Outrageously High, You Wonít Be Getting It.
Because youíre really going to get 2,000 gold for investigating a ďrat infestationĒ.

Rule #22: Try Out Various Characters.
Just not bullywugs.

Rule #23: If You Arenít Sure About Something, Ask The GM.
After all, the GM is God.

Rule #24: Try Your Best Not To Burn Down A Town.
Especially one full of little hobbits.

Rule #25: You Canít Carry A Great Axe, Two Long Swords, And A Flail On Your Back.
They only thing youíll accomplish is a broken back.

Rule #26: When Entering A Town, Go Immediately To The Alchemist Shop.
If youíre lucky enough to find one.

Rule #27: Everything Happens At The bar.
Rumor is that it has to do with the bartender.

Rule #28: You Can Never Have Too Much Gold.
But platinum is better.

Rule #29: Save Your Dailies.
Better safe then sorry.

Rule #30: The Final Boss Isnít Always The Final Boss.
So save your dailies.

Rule #31: You Never Need To Go To The Bathroom.
Convenient, isnít it?

Rule #32: If You Donít Know What A Beholder Is, Youíre Lucky.
And if you do know, then I sincerely apologize.

Rule #33: Check For Traps.
They can be in doors, chests, walls, almost anywhere.

Rule #34: Bring A Random Item.
You never know when youíll need to kick out the olí dowsing rod.

Rule #35: Donít Bang Pots And Pans Together To Attract Enemies.
Unless youíre into that sort of thing.

Rule #36: Donít Trust Random NPCís.
You shouldnít even consider them allies.

Rule #37: You Can Never Have Too Many Magic Items.
Is there something wrong with having boots of speed, gauntlets of strength, a ring of teleportation, and a necklace of invisibility?  I didnít think so.

Rule #38: Contrary To The Name, You Arenít Always In Dungeons, And You Donít Always Fight Dragons.
Mind blowing, isnít it?

Rule #39: Stay Away From Graveyards.
Youíll thank me laterÖ if you still have a brain.

Rule #40: Learn To Improvise!
If needed, take classes.

Rule #41: You Always Wear The Same Clothes.
And never showerÖ

Rule #42: Play Smart.
Just donít be smarter than the GM.

Rule #43: Stay Away From Giant Talking Skulls.
They cause nothing but trouble!

Rule #44: Always Carry A Thievery Kit.
Youíd be surprised at how many things are locked nowadays.

Rule #45: Explore Every Corner Of The Dungeon.
You just might find something worthwhile.

Rule #46: Donít Underestimate Fire.
So be sure to carry plenty of H2O.

Rule #47: Know Your Character Types.
I.e.: Controller, Striker, Leader, Defender.

Rule #48: Donít Have Your Character Wear Big Hoop Earrings.
This isnít a beauty contest.

Rule #49: Thereís No Difference Between Diplomacy And Intimidation As Long As It Gets The Job Done.
But an axe to the head leaves a better impression.

Rule #50: Make Your Mark In History!
Let the world know your name!

Fantastic... rule # 51 Don't carry 25 flasks of oil.
The stuff is explosive.



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