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50 Rules

Started by Dj, Jul 08, 2014, 04:05:15 PM

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Found this elsewhere; thought it was worth posting:

Rule #1: The Game Master Is God.
What the Game Master says, goes!  Period.

Rule #2: Never Split The Party!
The monsters have divine intuition, and know when the party is weakened.

Rule #3: The Dice Choose You.
They have a mind of their own...

Rule #4: The Bartender Knows Everything.
He is the prophet of the world, and has the knowledge of the universe.

Rule #5: Copper Is The Enemy.
One hundred copper equals one gold.  You do the math.

Rule #6: Go With The Flow.
Unless the flow leads to a giant waterfall.

Rule #7: You Can Never Have Too Many Minions.
One hundred enemies? All I see is free experience!

Rule #8: Take Chances.
Just not reckless ones.

Rule #9: Don't Act Reckless.
But take chances.

Rule #10: If the GM Forgets Something, Let Him/her Know.
You might get extra experience!

Rule #11: Don't Expect The Unexpected, Become The Unexpected.
Make the GM improvise for your amusement.

Rule #12: Escape From Reality.
And enter a better one.

Rule #13: Train In Heal.
It'll save your life.

Rule #14: There Are No Such Things As Friends, Only Allies.
It makes it easier to kill them.

Rule #15: Be Creative!
It's half the game.

Rule #16: Don't Trust The Sexy Lady Sitting At The Bar Alone.
There's an extremely high chance that she'll end up killing you.

Rule #17: The d20 Can Either Be Your Best Friend, Or Your Worst Enemy.
So treat them with kindness.

Rule #18: Leave Your Personal Problems Out Of The Game.
Nobody cares that you had a fight with your girlfriend. Be happy you have one.

Rule #19: Stay In Character.
It's a lot easier and more fun for everyone.

Rule #20: Don't Blindly Jump Into Dark Pits.
Especially without rope.

Rule #21: If The Reward Is Outrageously High, You Won't Be Getting It.
Because you're really going to get 2,000 gold for investigating a "rat infestation".

Rule #22: Try Out Various Characters.
Just not bullywugs.

Rule #23: If You Aren't Sure About Something, Ask The GM.
After all, the GM is God.

Rule #24: Try Your Best Not To Burn Down A Town.
Especially one full of little hobbits.

Rule #25: You Can't Carry A Great Axe, Two Long Swords, And A Flail On Your Back.
They only thing you'll accomplish is a broken back.

Rule #26: When Entering A Town, Go Immediately To The Alchemist Shop.
If you're lucky enough to find one.

Rule #27: Everything Happens At The bar.
Rumor is that it has to do with the bartender.

Rule #28: You Can Never Have Too Much Gold.
But platinum is better.

Rule #29: Save Your Dailies.
Better safe then sorry.

Rule #30: The Final Boss Isn't Always The Final Boss.
So save your dailies.

Rule #31: You Never Need To Go To The Bathroom.
Convenient, isn't it?

Rule #32: If You Don't Know What A Beholder Is, You're Lucky.
And if you do know, then I sincerely apologize.

Rule #33: Check For Traps.
They can be in doors, chests, walls, almost anywhere.

Rule #34: Bring A Random Item.
You never know when you'll need to kick out the ol' dowsing rod.

Rule #35: Don't Bang Pots And Pans Together To Attract Enemies.
Unless you're into that sort of thing.

Rule #36: Don't Trust Random NPC's.
You shouldn't even consider them allies.

Rule #37: You Can Never Have Too Many Magic Items.
Is there something wrong with having boots of speed, gauntlets of strength, a ring of teleportation, and a necklace of invisibility?  I didn't think so.

Rule #38: Contrary To The Name, You Aren't Always In Dungeons, And You Don't Always Fight Dragons.
Mind blowing, isn't it?

Rule #39: Stay Away From Graveyards.
You'll thank me later... if you still have a brain.

Rule #40: Learn To Improvise!
If needed, take classes.

Rule #41: You Always Wear The Same Clothes.
And never shower...

Rule #42: Play Smart.
Just don't be smarter than the GM.

Rule #43: Stay Away From Giant Talking Skulls.
They cause nothing but trouble!

Rule #44: Always Carry A Thievery Kit.
You'd be surprised at how many things are locked nowadays.

Rule #45: Explore Every Corner Of The Dungeon.
You just might find something worthwhile.

Rule #46: Don't Underestimate Fire.
So be sure to carry plenty of H2O.

Rule #47: Know Your Character Types.
I.e.: Controller, Striker, Leader, Defender.

Rule #48: Don't Have Your Character Wear Big Hoop Earrings.
This isn't a beauty contest.

Rule #49: There's No Difference Between Diplomacy And Intimidation As Long As It Gets The Job Done.
But an axe to the head leaves a better impression.

Rule #50: Make Your Mark In History!
Let the world know your name!
Thank you Mario! But our Princess is in another castle!


Fantastic... rule # 51 Don't carry 25 flasks of oil.
The stuff is explosive.
We cannot banish dangers, but we can banish fears.  We must not demean life by standing in awe of death.


Thank you Mario! But our Princess is in another castle!