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Thoughts on board Organization

Started by Head, May 09, 2007, 03:25:34 PM

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I was wondering if it would be to beneficial break the Rules Discussion board into sub-divisions:  Weapons and Armor, Magic (possibly one for Axioms and one for Dieties/Incantations), Races.  I can also make boards that are a child of a top level board.

Rules Discussion (category that can still be posted into):
---Child: This more specific category
---Child: That more specific category

I don't know.. can reach board overload where it gets too time consuming to check each one and then the confusion factor of where to post something..  and the laziness to put everything in the main board anyway.. LOL.

Anyway, thoughts?
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Most rules threads only last a few weeks.  I think we are probably ok as is.
So many subplots