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Title: SMF 1.X Board Modifications Installed
Post by: Head on Sep 20, 2006, 01:34:23 am
Following is a list of modifications installed on this board:

1.URL Popup 1.0
2.Color Bar2.0
3.EmailFlash1.0 (modified to work with 1.1)
4.Member Color Link1.8.7 (modified to work with 1.1)
5.User Email System1.1.3
6.Users Online Today Mod1.4.0
7.Reason For Editing Mod1.13 (not compatible yet for version 1.1)
8.Enhanced Calendar1.1
9.Googlebot & Spiders Mod2.0.2
10.Avatar on Member List1.0

This is for those that may have SMF boards of their own and are just curious what modifications have been installed here.  :)

Title: Direct Code Changes (not packaged mods)
Post by: Head on Sep 23, 2006, 04:47:21 am
The following direct changes were made: