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Missing posts

Started by Lew, Feb 12, 2013, 01:52:50 PM

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Did we have to go to a backup at some point?  I swear I'd made more Paden posts.
So many subplots


Its hard to remember. There are about 4 topics of Paden though...
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I looked in the other threads.  Oh well, I'll post them to catch back up maybe I'll have some momentum picked up to keep tagging on new ones.  . . .  . maybe.
So many subplots


The only time might have been during the time the forum was converted from version 1.X to 2.X where we (I) kind of had both versions going at the same time but I don't recall needing to restore an older copy of the database at some point. The forum conversion happened in 2011 sometime.
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I'm thinking some user error on my part.  They are magically back now, so it must have been me.   :dizzy:
So many subplots