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Data Center issues (FYI)

Started by Head, May 24, 2008, 03:33:07 PM

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This was posted at 10:23am yesterday:

Effected clients, co-workers, partners:

At approximately 8 A.M. EST a segment of our data center experienced a power outage. Shortly after that we realized the city had experienced a power outage as well which attributed to the loss we saw in the NOC. We immediately went into generator power and we are still currently running on generator.

What happens when there is power loss is that we immediately go into UPS for a few minutes meanwhile the generator powers up. The UPS ensures no service disruption meanwhile the generator turns on. This happened normally but approximately 40% of the servers tripped during this process. Power loss and going into UPS followed by generator power has happened a few times in the past. But we have never experienced what has happened today - the power surge during this outage was extremely high.

We are meeting with our electrical engineers as we speak to analyze the situation to learn exactly what happened. We still have the data center running on generator as the power in the city could still be unstable and we do not want to risk any further outages. As many of you know these kind of issues do not happen often and we are taking this incident very seriously. The data center is equipped with a high level of UPS and generators are in place to ensure maximum uptime. We apologize for the inconveniences as we know this has effected a lot of you and your clients. We will be compensating per our SLA and will ensure we find out in detail what happened, resolve it completely and put measures in place so it doesn't repeat again.

All effected servers should be operating normally now and we sincerely thank you for your patience.

I should be compenstated for this month..  kinda been like a yoyo... apparently they were still working with my server as of 3:38pm yesterday.  Last two months been kinda bad..

Year Month Outages Uptime Downtime
2008 May 10 98.775% 1.225%
2008 April 16 98.409% 1.591%
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